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Explore South America!

Continent facts

Whether you’re here for relaxation or intense trekking, for contemporary art and music or new archaeological discoveries, you can expect South America to show you incredible natural landscapes, on-foot adventures and a warm and enveloping cultural milieu.

  • Longest rivers. Two of the five longest rivers in the world are in South America: the Amazon at 4,087mi. and the Parana at 3,032mi.
  • Longest mountain. The Andes is the longest mountain range in the world, extending more than 4000mi. through 7 countries down the western portion of South America.
  • Highest waterfall. The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls, in Venezuela, where water falls 3,281ft. from the top to the base.
  • 102! South America has 102 UNESCO World Heritage sites, all of which are visited by million of tourists a year.

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You’ll note that for some countries, there are a lot of information sheets. Peru and Ecuador are examples. For both, there are over 100 info sheets and more coming in all the time. This is true of Argentina as well. On the other hand, for some countries, notably French Guiana, Paraguay, and Uruguay, there are far fewer information sheets. There are several reasons for this. Not a lot of people travel to these countries. There’s also less to write about.

Reliable, up-to-date information sheets are as valuable an SAE resource as well-written, informative trip reports. If you have a special area of expertise (pottery making, weaving, herpetology, antique buying, dune surfing—whatever), we would be undyingly grateful if you would take more than a few moments to share your wisdom with the rest of us in the form of an info sheet. Just send the information and we’ll do the formatting and posting.

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